Employee Spotlight : Charlie Barry

Employee Spotlight: Meet Charlie Barry, Lead Software Engineer

July 29, 2021

Employee Spotlight is our blog series that features the fantastic individuals behind RoadSync.

Get to know a face that works to engineer our product. Meet Charlie Barry, one of the Lead Software Engineers! We’re excited that we got to (virtually) sit down with him to share his story in this month’s Employee Spotlight. You’ll learn about his role at RoadSync, his career, interests, and more! Fun fact if Charlie weren’t currently working, he would still be working. He would use his free time to create video games that people of all ages can enjoy!

What is your role here at RoadSync, and what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

I am a Lead Software Engineer. I work on the code for our API (Application Programming Interface) and the code used to integrate with third-party APIs. This code allows our customers to transact, whether paying with credit cards or fleet checks, and receive their payouts. My role has shifted to work more closely with our financial and customer success teams to keep up with industry standards and align with customer needs when it comes to product changes

What is the biggest misconception people have about your position?

The biggest misconception surrounding engineering revolves around its perceived importance to a business’s functionality. Within the engineering division, we have to make sure that the product is user-friendly, runs smoothly, and is perceived well by our customers. Many people are unaware of how difficult it can be to make things look perfect and make things seem like an easy button. There’s a lot of extra work in the background that if we don’t do our job well, it’s evident.It’s very obvious to everybody when the product doesn’t run properly, or we have a release with a bug in it, and it impacts our customers. Overall, I think the biggest misconception is that we are perfect and that we’re going to have perfect products and releases all the time.

What led you to this career? How did you first learn about RoadSync?

My dad was a software engineer earlier in his career, and he always thought I’d be really good at it. However, I was very resistant until I went to college and did an introductory class to programming. I liked it so much, and it just sort of came so naturally to me that I just continued to go into it. After seven years of working in a corporate environment, I wanted a new challenge and was interested in a startup culture. I found RoadSync due to the convenience of its location. During my interview process, I got to speak with Robin Gregg, our CEO, and she sold me on the company. I liked her vision for the company, her determination, intelligence, and the fact that she’s an extremely capable CEO that also happens to be a female. So, it was an exciting change of pace to me, and from then, I was sold on RoadSync.

What are your hobbies outside of RoadSync?

I’ve got a lot of hobbies! I love video games, comic books but even more than that; I love martial arts training and physical activities in general. Throughout my life, I have done various martial arts training. More recently, I got back into scuba diving, which I’m very excited about continuing. Scuba diving is a fun, magical experience. Once I go down 30 to 60 feet underwater, I forget about all of the equipment and feel like I’m flying. You get to see all sorts of interesting sea life that you usually only find in an aquarium. Genuinely, I like a good adventure. I enjoy activities that will challenge my mind, body, or even both. It helps me stay engaged and sharp!

What’s a piece of advice that resonates the most with you?

I don’t remember the specific phrase, but I do know the sentiment was, “it’s not all on your shoulders,” and that to ask for help and don’t assume everything’s counting on just you. I had a manager remind me that I need to slow down and take a break at times because there’s always more work, but there are people around that can help with it.

Thank you for taking the time to meet Charlie Barry, our Lead Software Engineer!


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