Employee Spotlight: Meet Reci Timmons, Office Manager and Check Operation Specialist

February 7, 2022

Employee Spotlight is our blog series that features the fantastic individuals behind RoadSync.

Get to know a face that works to keep our office running smoothly. Meet Reci Timmons, our Office Manager and Check Operation Specialist! We’re excited that we got to (virtually) sit down with her to share her story in this month’s Employee Spotlight. You’ll learn about her role at RoadSync, her career, interests, and more! Fun fact: if Reci had superpowers, she would have the power to fly or transport. This power gives her the ability to visit family and friends easily and travel anywhere in the world.

How did you first learn about RoadSync?

I learned about RoadSync through former employees Chris Fulton and Sache Davis. At the time, they were looking to add a third person to the check ops team. They reached out to me and asked if I wanted to come and help be a part of this startup. I didn’t know much about the logistics industry, but I felt like it was time to try something new.

What is a typical day like for you? How do you stay motivated?

Considering both of my roles, typically, my days are busy. I start the day by making rounds throughout the office space to ensure everything is stocked and everyone has what they need. I help with check printing, tearing, depositing, and returns within check operations. On top of that, I also help out within human resources and help with onboarding new employees.

What are three words to describe RoadSync?

I would describe RoadSync as fun, game-changing, and inclusive. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t share anything about my personal life, that it would come back to me and be a problem. I feel as if no one feels uncomfortable about their race, background, sexuality, or anything when working here. Our company culture makes it easy to voice your opinions to your supervisor or directly with our CEO, Robin Gregg.

What are your hobbies outside of RoadSync? Where would we find you on a day off?

I am an avid baker and cook! I enjoy making a lot of my Nana’s old recipes and revamping them into something that better suits my current preferences. I just love to cook, especially anything with rice. The love for rice comes from my grandmother’s side of the family and our family background. But, I can make anything if I put my mind to it, but most people love my mac and cheese.

What’s your favorite sport to watch, and which team do you root for?

I’m from Florida, so the love lives there. My favorite football team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and I’ve been a fan since the 4th grade. As for college teams, “Go Gators,” I’m a big fan of the Florida Gators. Basketball is my favorite sport, and I’ll root for Miami and the Hawks. As for baseball, I love the Atlanta Braves.

Thank you for taking the time to meet Reci Timmons, our Office Manager and Check Operation Specialist


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