Employee Spotlight: Saché Davis

Employee Spotlight: Meet Saché Davis, Operations Analyst

March 18, 2021

Employee Spotlight is a new blog series meant to share the fantastic individuals behind RoadSync. Each month we will (virtually) sit down with one of our team members for a quick chat about their role at RoadSync, career, interests, and more. 

To kick off this new series, we are joined by Saché Davis, one of our many talented individuals here at RoadSync whose role makes a big impact on our customers!

What is your role here at RoadSync, and what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

My role here at RoadSync is Operations Analyst, so my focus is on making sure RoadSync operates smoothly and efficiently for our customers. We ensure everybody gets their money. On a typical day, I oversee the payments processed through the RoadSync app and depositing them asap so that drivers can receive their payouts in a timely fashion, in addition to investigating chargebacks and recovering funds that may have been lost or misplaced in the system.

What made you decide to join RoadSync? 

I worked for a big corporate company and was ready for something new, specifically a smaller, closer-knit working environment. That’s what attracted me to RoadSync. The unconventional nature of a startup and not doing things so traditionally is what drew me in and kept me here.

What are your hobbies outside of RoadSync?

I read a lot, seriously a lot! I center my reading around black women authors because I think that they’re very underrepresented. For example: say you get on YouTube to look up YouTubers that share book recommendations. Most of the authors that people are reading are not black women. So whenever I speak to people about how much I read, that’s something that I like to bring up Black Women who write don’t always get the shine that they should. Black women writers are very dynamic. They write in all different types of genres, and I love all genres. I read everything  from fantasy fiction to  non-fiction. I go with a lot of like feminist and race theory just because I find it interesting. And I think it’s always important to be talking about those kinds of things. I love historical context, history, everything! Some of my favorite authors are Toni Morrison, Edwidge Danticat, Audre Lorde, and Bill Hooke.

Finish this sentence “I’m the happiest when….

I’m the happiest when reading because it relaxes me. I love to learn as well! I always want to be on a path of expanding my mind. Another hobby of mine is working out. I work out in the mornings about three or four times a week. It is important to me because I enjoy waking up and doing something that is just for me.

What are your thoughts on RoadSync’s impact on the logistics industry?

What we are doing is amazing! The fact that we can provide a solution in the logistics industry that they need is great! You see many startup companies doing things that aren’t really making an impact. Logistics is important to our society—especially where a good percentage of the products we need and use every day are transported by truck. I feel like I’m actually contributing to the world or the environment by helping people get the goods they need every day by helping the people who get the things to those people each day get paid. I feel good about that!

Thank you for taking the time to meet Saché Davis, our Operational Analyst!

If you’re interested in joining the RoadSync team, check out our Careers page for our open positions!

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