RoadSync | success stories
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Success Stories

How One Company Increased Efficiency & Profits with RoadSync


The 3rd largest refrigerated warehousing company struggled to keep up with processing hundreds of thousands of payments around the globe. The main culprit? Checks and cash: “The clerks and leads are focused on moving drivers in and out of the warehouse, as quick as possible. Cash and checks slow our team down.”


The accounting team and warehouse managers also felt the sting of dealing with a constant stream of cash & checks. Daily, they sacrificed valuable time to scanning checks, filling out deposit slips, handling return checks, and making trips to the bank. “Those inefficiencies caused issues at the window, requiring drivers and window clerks to spend endless time for a simple unloading fee.”

It’s worth time and money, and we’re excited to have RoadSync as a partner as they continue to innovate and provide solutions to truly allow us to go cashless on the docks.

RoadSync Provided a Solution:

Only two weeks after implementing RoadSync, the company saw improved efficiency at the window and increased their bottom line. Now, window clerks and leads simply enter fleet check information into RoadSync’s quick deposit platform, instead of making authorization phone calls. RoadSync handles authorizations and deposits funds directly into each warehouse’s bank account. No need for check scanning. No more trips to the bank.


RoadSync Continues to Deliver Results:

With RoadSync in place, return fees due to fraudulent or faulty checks no longer pose an issue. RoadSync provides clients with 100% of funds authorized through their quick deposit platform. Ready funds mean peace of mind. Their daily warehouse-specific reconciliation email makes it easier for accounting to ensure accuracy of funds. RoadSync’s standardized receipts reduce the potential for driver fraud or theft. With RoadSync, things just run smoother: “We no longer have to stock five different check types in each warehouse for drivers who forget. RoadSync’s application handles everything.”

We’re here to help. 

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