Use 3DS for secure payments

Unveiling the Power of 3DS Payments: A Comprehensive Guide 

January 24, 2024

Confidently Secure Your Digital Transactions with RoadSync

In the ever-evolving landscape of online transactions, security is not just a feature; it’s a necessity. At RoadSync, we understand the importance of safeguarding your digital payments. Join us on a comprehensive journey as we demystify 3D Secure (3DS) and shed light on why incorporating it into your business is a game-changer.

Unveiling the Power of 3D Secure Payments

Understanding 3DS: Fortifying Your Digital Fortress

Before we delve into the intricacies, let’s establish what 3D Secure (3DS) is. 3DS is an additional layer of security designed to protect online transactions. It adds an extra step in the payment process, ensuring that the person making the payment is the legitimate cardholder.


Why Should You Care About 3D Secure Payment? Unveiling the Benefits

More Secure Payments
In the world of digital transactions, security breaches are a constant threat. 3D Secure acts as a robust shield, preventing card details from falling into the wrong hands. At RoadSync, we prioritize the safety of your transactions, and 3DS is a key player in achieving that.

An Optimized User Experience
Creating a seamless and positive experience for your customers is essential. 3D Secure not only bolsters security but also optimizes the user experience. We understand the value of simplicity, and with 3DS, your customers can navigate through the authentication process effortlessly.

Increased Brand Loyalty
Building trust is paramount in the digital realm. When customers feel secure during transactions, it fosters loyalty. With the implementation of 3DS  your brand will be associated with safety and reliability, nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Chargeback Liability Shift
Nobody likes chargebacks, and 3D Secure can help shift the liability away from you. In case of an unauthorized transaction, the responsibility is transferred to the card payment provider, offering you peace of mind and financial security.

3D Secure (3DS) Payments authentication

When 3DS May Not Activate: Exploring the Scenarios

Contactless Payments at Point of Sale
In a world moving towards contactless payments, 3DS may not activate for in-person transactions. While it excels in securing online payments, contactless transactions at the point of sale may not trigger the additional authentication step.

Trusted Beneficiaries
If a customer frequently transacts with a particular vendor and marks them as a trusted beneficiary, 3DS might not activate for subsequent transactions. This streamlined process aims to enhance user convenience for trusted relationships.

Recurring Transactions
For subscription-based services or recurring payments, 3DS may not activate after the initial authentication. This allows for a smoother experience for customers who engage in regular transactions with your business.

Low-Value Transactions
In some cases, 3D Secure may not be triggered for low-value transactions. While the added layer of security is crucial, it’s also designed to balance user experience, ensuring a hassle-free checkout for smaller purchases.

Secure Corporate Payments
Certain corporate cards may be exempt from 3D Secure authentication, especially if they are deemed secure and low-risk. This streamlined process facilitates efficient business transactions while maintaining security standards.


Unveiling the Steps: How 3D Secure Authentication Works

Simple and Secure: The 3DS Authentication Process

Now that we’ve explored the nuances, let’s unravel the steps behind 3D Secure authentication:

How 3D Secure Authentication Works Simple and Secure: The 3DS Authentication Process

  1. A customer enters payment details on the checkout page of a website.
  2. The customer is seamlessly redirected to their card issuer’s 3D Secure web page.
  3. Upon redirection, the customer inputs a one-time authentication code or password.
  4. The details are swiftly verified by the card provider, and the payment receives approval.
  5. The customer is seamlessly directed back to the main payment page, completing the secure transaction.


Ready to Secure Your Business? RoadSync Is Here for You.

At RoadSync, we believe in simplifying complexities. If you’re ready to fortify your digital transactions with 3D Secure, RoadSync is here to guide you. Contact us today, and let’s embark on a journey to make you a confident and secure 3D Secure merchant. Your security is our priority.