Paperless Expense Management for Truck Drivers

Reduce time spent managing over-the-road expenses with RoadSync Driver App.

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Available for iOS and Android devices, RoadSync Driver App lets you quickly take a photo of any paper receipt or upload an existing image from your phone. Additionally, receipts for any RoadSync Remote Checkout payments made via the app will automatically be stored in your RoadSync Driver account. 

Once captured or uploaded, receipts are stored and available for accessing and sharing at your convenience. When ready, send receipts to multiple contacts, such as any third-party or back-office directly from the app via email and/or text message.

Take Back Your Time

Centralize Expense & Document Management

Manage receipts or other documents (BOL, POD) right from your phone


Digitize Paper Trail

Convert and upload paper-based receipts and documents for anytime access


View RoadSync Checkout Bills

Payments made via RoadSync Checkout automatically stored in your account

Streamline Communication

Text and email receipts as well as documents to multiple contacts via at one time


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Create a free account and be on your way to less paper, easier expense and document management, and streamlined third-party communications.