Get the visibility you need and the control you want with RoadSync Pay

Distribution Payment Solutions

A Better Payment Experience

If you find yourself spending more time than you’d like chasing down payments, or wishing there was a way to make payments easier and more flexible, look no further. RoadSync has a better payment experience for you and your customers.

RoadSync is building the future of payments for distribution, so you can leverage flexible payment options, secure payments upfront, remove cash from your transactions, and ensure on-time payments and deliveries with all the tools you need to reconcile and bill more efficiently.

Man entering credit card info
Cashless Payments

Secure & Flexible Payments

Easily send a secure payment link to customers with the option to pay via ACH or Credit Card. Before payment processes, a balance check ensures you don’t have to worry about insufficient funds or bounced payment methods.

Woman looking at scheduling screen
Improved Revenue Collection

Payment Before Delivery

A real-time dashboard view with payment status lets you know when payments are made and deliveries can be scheduled and dispatched. No more delivering without payment confirmation or losing revenue associated with restocking and product lost where deliveries were unaccepted or undeliverable.

Happy customer selecting produce
Easier To Work With

Payer Portal for Customers

Your customers are able to easily view all paid and open invoices via the payment link. With the ability to add and store credit card and ACH information, you make payments easier and faster for customers as well as ensure they have access to their receipts.

Person reviewing shipping details
Better Tools

Reconcile Payments

With various reporting tools in one centralized location, easily and quickly reconcile invoices, transactions and payment methods. 

Driver making a call
Reduced Fraud

Eliminate Cash & Phone Payments

With payments made up front, drivers no longer need to collect cash on site, or write down and share credit card information over the phone, ensuring transactions are more secure and less fraud occurs.

A Single Distribution Payment Platform

RoadSync Checkout provides features to ease distribution payments today and prepare for better revenue collection tomorrow.

  • Secure Payments

    Request payment via secure link, eliminating the need to taking credit cards over the phone and reduce PCI compliane risk.

  • Custom Invoices

    Create invoices to match your business and customers needs.

  • Balance Checks

    No more bounced checks or less cash accepted, a balance check ensures funds are available before completing transactions.

  • Digital Records

    Take the paper and cash out of transactions and track and reconcile payments digitally.

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Allow customers to add a credit card or ACH information to their account.

  • Keep Drivers Safe

    Ensure drivers no longer have to transport large sums of cash and keep them safer at and after deliveries.