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RoadSync Pay

Ready for More Revenue?

We’re ready to help. RoadSync Pay is the broker and carrier payment platform that seamlessly connects and accelerates all your transactions.

Seamless Delivery

Maximize Hours of Service

As a broker or carrier, you know how important it is to keep your drivers and your customers happy. With RoadSync Pay, you’ll be able to pre-authorize funds and give your drivers access via a simple text. The result? Drivers spend less time waiting and more time on the road. You’ll get satisfied drivers, customers whose orders get delivered on time, and maximized hours of service for your business.

Pre-Authorized Funds

Fast, Digital Processes

Speed up operations by going digital. Pre-authorized funds are instantly shared with your drivers via text to let them know funds are available via your preferred payment method like EFS or Comdata. You’ll also be able to digitize audit trails to accelerate reconciliation and offer more understanding of risks such as internal or driver fraud.

Detailed Reporting

Gain Oversight & Improve Cash Flow

RoadSync Pay comes with a dashboard view and email notifications giving you insight into pre-authorized transactions, risks, and opportunities. You’ll be able to see the details such as funds used and digital receipts so you can focus on driving the right efforts forward. And any funds used via pre-authorized Comdata Express codes ensure upfront reconciliation, meaning no more waiting for reimbursement on unused balances.

RoadSync Advance Direct Payment feature
Direct Payments

Take Control, Eliminate Fraud

Put yourself in the driver seat and pre-authorize direct fleet check payments to warehouse locations using RoadSync Checkout. With funds allocated for use at a specific location, prevent misuse and eliminate fraud. Direct payments simplify your drivers’ experience, reducing steps they need to take while capturing receipts automatically and minimizing driver delays.

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What Our Customers Say

“RoadSync Pay is easy to use and given some of the previous challenges we faced, their team has been great ensuring we are comfortable with using the solution. In addition, the product has saved me time–I’m not having to bust my head trying to figure out how to pay lumper fees because EFS is accepted everywhere.”

— Cindy’s Logistics
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Truck Yeah!
Get the latest news on discounts, updates and new offers from the RoadSync newsletter!