Simplified Payments for Heavy Duty Repair & Tow

RoadSync’s fast, easy-to-use, secure solutions help grow your bottom line.

Get Paid Anywhere, Anytime

Purpose-built digital payments platform for heavy-duty repair and tow operators, RoadSync Checkout simplifies payment activities, reduces payment processing time, and maximizes revenue collection, so you get paid fast, fairly and safely all while on the go. It’s easy to get started and easy to use.

Grow Your Bottom Line with

RoadSync Checkout

Build Real Time Invoices

Custom invoices, texted effortlessly to your customers.


Protect Against Chargebacks

Work order authorizations help assure you’ll get paid for your services.


Accept Payments Roadside 

Drivers can pay easily by credit card or fleet check, anywhere.

Key Features

Improved Payments Authorization

Generate digital work orders and get signatures before the work begins reducing chargebacks and disputes.

Easy, Itemized Invoices

Quickly create and send invoices tailored to your business needs.  Document labor and parts to capture invoice details. Add photos to capture completed work. And then get paid fast, directly, and accurately.

Simple Roadside Payments

Easily accept fleet checks and credit cards, including card-not-present, on-the-go and minimize fraud, theft, and time-consuming manual processes.

Streamlined Check Authorization
Streamlined Check Authorization

Eliminate paper checks and authorization phone calls with digital check acceptance reducing time, return fees, trips to the bank and fraud.

Process Safe, Contactless Payments
Process Safe, Contactless Payments

Customers pay with their mobile phone enhancing safety and security for your technicians and customers.

Stronger Corporate Oversight & Control

Monitor payouts and revenue on a daily basis and generate detailed transaction reports to improve accounting visibility, processes and deposit time..

Effective for Technicians
Simple setup. Easy to learn. Easier to use.
Valuable for Shop Managers
Get a pulse on your repair shop while overseeing your technicians.
Insightful for Corporate

Get a holistic view of all your company’s transactions.

Proud Partner

RoadSync Testimonial

“RoadSync’s digital payment system gives us the protection we need from chargebacks and allows us to accept payments anywhere. We’re continuing to use RoadSync more and more and couldn’t be happier.”

Kirk’s Mobile Repair

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National, regional, and local heavy duty repair & tow providers trust RoadSync to simplify payment activities, reduce payment processing time, and maximize revenue collection.