Get the visibility you need and the control you want with RoadSync Pay

RoadSync for Heavy Duty Repair & Tow

More Payments, Less Stress

It’s simple: you should be paid for the work you do. Quickly accept payments on the go with the right tools to fight chargebacks.

Payments Software

Take the Stress out of Roadside Repair

Avoid worrying about whether or not you can take a payment or wasting time on a callout, you’ll have what you need to keep your business running smoothly. RoadSync Checkout streamlines your operations, ensuring worry-free transactions. With written authorization before work starts, easily convert signed work orders into invoices, allowing for seamless payments. Our Digital Wallet enhances security, letting customers save credit cards, fuel cards, and ACH information for future transactions. Simplify your business – from authorization to payment, we’ve got you covered!

Chargeback Tools

Protect Your Business

RoadSync Checkout goes beyond ensuring secure transactions; it equips you with essential tools to combat chargebacks. Gain written authorization, create custom digital invoices effortlessly, and run roadside transactions. Plus, enjoy the ultimate security shield with RoadSync 3DS. Safeguard your business and customers, enhancing trust and security in every payment transaction.

Analytics & Reporting

Get an All-in-One View

Get a full view of your shop’s operations. With RoadSync Checkout, you’ll be able to monitor payments and revenue on a daily basis and generate detailed transaction reports to improve accounting visibility, processes, and deposit time.

Get paid faster with instant payouts
Instant Payouts

Get Paid Faster

At RoadSync, we understand the importance that cash flow flexibility has for your operations. With instant payouts, request funds from same-day transactions ensuring you have real-time access to cash when you need it to keep your business running smoothly.

A Suite of Solutions, One Easy Platform

Full of the features you need to get paid quickly and fairly, RoadSync Checkout is designed with heavy duty repair and tow shops in mind.

  • Digital Work Orders

    Ensure authenticity with digital signatures on work orders, preventing forgery. Save time and dispatch with confidence, no callout worries.

  • Instant Invoices

    Effortlessly convert work orders into detailed invoices. From callout fees to labor and parts, our automated system makes invoicing quick and simple.

  • Fast, Direct Payment

    Take payments roadside and process transactions in seconds. Request instant payouts to access same-day funds and improve cash flow.


    Upload work photos as evidence and run card-present transactions with our mobile reader, minimizing chargebacks. Level up with RoadSync 3DS, your ultimate shield for Remote Checkout card payments.

  • More Ways to Get Paid

    Accept fleet checks, fuel cards, debit and credit cards, plus digital, contactless options.

  • Secure, Digital Trail

    Fight fraud and minimize paperwork with all your transactions and receipts in one place.

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What Our Customers Say

“The layers of protection and ease of use have allowed us to better track our performance as well as protecting our revenue from the fraudulent card users. Customer service is excellent and lightning fast. Thank you all!!”

— Heidi Vantreese

“RoadSync has made it much easier to do mobile work with my customers – and to avoid a lot of confusion.”

— Matt’s Heavy Duty Mobile Diagnostics

“RoadSync’s digital payment system gives us the protection we need from chargebacks and allows us to accept payments anywhere. We’re continuing to use RoadSync more and more and couldn’t be happier.”

— Kirk’s Mobile Repair
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