Get the visibility you need and the control you want with RoadSync Pay

RoadSync Checkout

We Don’t Settle for Complicated

You shouldn’t either. RoadSync Checkout is designed for simple, stress-free logistics transactions, at the dock door, on the road, and everywhere in between.

Custom Invoicing

Quick, Easy Invoices

Swiftly create and send tailored invoices as per your business needs. Whether you’re a heavy-duty repair pro, warehouse manager, or lumper, Checkout simplifies callouts, parts, accessorial fees, freight handling, and labor documentation. Plus, effortlessly transform approved work orders into detailed digital invoices, streamlining your billing process seamlessly

Transaction Technology

Fast, Simple Payments

RoadSync Checkout lets you process transactions in seconds. You’ll also be able to accept fuel cards, credit cards, fleet checks, and contactless, digital payments. And when it comes to getting paid faster, request instant payouts from same-day transactions improving cash flow and access to funds when you need them.

Fraud Fighting Tools

Secure & Seamless Transactions

Experience a new level of security, with upgraded fraud fighting tools like RoadSync 3DS, and ensure your business and customers are protected from potential threats in a secure and trustworthy payment environment.

More Control & Oversight

When it comes to your business, you’re in the driver’s seat. With a full view of your business’s transactions, you’ll be able to monitor payments and revenue on a daily basis, easily create detailed transaction reports, improve visibility, and streamline operations.

RoadSync Checkout's mobile card reader
Mobile Experience


Whether at the dock door or roadside, run card present transactions to get paid faster and reduce chargebacks with RoadSync’s Checkout mobile app and card reader.



Give your customers peace of mind and convenience when paying via RoadSync Checkout with RoadSync’s Digital Wallet. Customers can save a credit card for quick and easy access anytime they make a payment at a RoadSync Checkout merchant. And with assurance that all stored financial information is encrypted and secure.


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What Our Customers Say

“The layers of protection and ease of use have allowed us to better track our performance as well as protecting our revenue from the fraudulent card users. Customer service is excellent and lightning fast. Thank you all!!”

— Heidi Vantreese

“RoadSync’s digital payment system gives us the protection we need from chargebacks and allows us to accept payments anywhere. We’re continuing to use RoadSync more and more and couldn’t be happier.”

— Kirk’s Mobile Repair

“RoadSync provided us with collection visibility we’ve never had before. The ability to accept credit cards and process payments remotely has been especially beneficial amidst the pandemic.”

— KeHe Distributors, LLC

“We implemented RoadSync and it has been a huge success! ACH transfers occur almost immediately so there are no more trips to the bank to deposit checks!”

— United States Cold Storage
Tailored to Your Industry
Turn Dock Doors Quickly

Need for speed? RoadSync Checkout helps you turn dock doors faster than before. Quickly accept a variety of payments for accessorial fees, including fuel cards, credit cards, and fleet checks. Build custom invoices and digital receipts, then text them to drivers in real time.

Unload Payment Complications

More operational control starts with the right tools. RoadSync Checkout makes it easy to accept more types of payments, including fuel cards, credit cards, and fleet checks. You’ll be able to build custom invoices with line-by-line details of services performed and get an all-in-one view of your transactions.

Prevent Payment Roadblocks

Chargebacks can’t always be prevented, but you can get the tools you need to help fight them. RoadSync Checkout lets you create digital work orders for authorization before work even starts. Easily create digital, itemized invoices to capture all completed work. Plus, by being able to accept a variety of payments, you ensure you get paid even when you’re on the go.

Stay Organized On the Go

The RoadSync Driver App helps you digitize your paper receipts and keep them all in one place. In addition, access and pay RoadSync Checkout invoices right from your phone.

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