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Turvo Partners with RoadSync to Elevate Payment Processing in Freight Management

July 11, 2024

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This collaboration empowers 3PLs and brokers to streamline payment processing, ensuring secure, fast, and efficient transactions through an intuitive platform.


DALLAS, July 11, 2024 — Turvo Inc. (“Turvo” or “the Company”), provider of a leading collaboration application designed for the supply chain, has partnered with RoadSync, a technology company specializing in freight audit and payment solutions. This partnership aims to elevate the payment processing and back-office operations for freight brokers and third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

“Our partnership with Turvo brings faster, more modern payment infrastructure to carrier payments, simplifying back office processes and providing brokers more control over payment timing,” says Robin Gregg, RoadSync CEO. “This integration continues our commitment to improving payments for the entire logistics ecosystem.”

Jake Mathis, CEO of Southern Reins Logistics, a joint customer, highlighted the benefits, saying, “Integrating RoadSync with Turvo has significantly streamlined our payment processes, reduced the risk of errors and saved us valuable time and resources. RoadSync has been able to provide SRL with a greater business process optimization, which in return, has eliminated unnecessary or countless steps and allowed for increased productivity.”

RoadSync’s advanced technology features Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for freight audit and rapid payments, reducing the time from carrier invoice to payment to less than 60 seconds. The integration with Turvo’s TMS platform ensures seamless syncing of carrier profiles, recording of payments, and pulling in shipment data to audit carrier invoices. This eliminates reconciliation issues, reduces manual data entry, and provides upfront visibility into carrier invoice issues.

Samantha Foley, Chief Growth Officer of Turvo, remarked, “The collaboration between Turvo and RoadSync marks a significant advancement, providing 3PLs and brokers with an innovative solution to enhance payment processing and back-office efficiency.”

Through this collaboration, Turvo customers will benefit from RoadSync’s advanced audit and pay platforms, which provide upfront visibility into carrier invoice issues, automate AP processes, and eliminate the need for dual entry. This partnership promises to save customers time and money while enhancing the overall technology solution available to them.


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