Customer Spotlight

Cindy’s Logistics

Unloading payment complications

Before making the switch to RoadSync Advance, Cindy’s Logistics utilized several different payment tools and vendors, creating a complicated and fragmented system. With one vendor, drivers couldn’t pay via their preferred method or they would use a payment method that incurred multiple fees. With another vendor, the product was difficult to log in to, resulting in frustration and time lost. Sometimes, Cindy’s Logistics needed drivers to pay with EFS checks but couldn’t find a vendor where this was possible.

One, simple solution

Cindy’s Logistics turned to RoadSync for help and got started using RoadSync Advance. Their back office was able to quickly pre-authorize funds for drivers which drastically reduced the amount of after-hour calls. Paying lumper fees–a once stressful and time-consuming process–became a no-brainer because RoadSync Advance made it possible (and easy) to pay via EFS check. Now Cindy’s Logistics uses RoadSync Advance several times a week.

“RoadSync Advance is easy to use and given some of the previous challenges we faced, their team has been great ensuring we are comfortable with using the solution,” noted Angel Sanchez, Logistics Coordinator and Co-Owner of Cindy’s Logistics. “In addition, the product has saved me time–I’m not having to bust my head trying to figure out how to pay lumper fees because EFS is accepted everywhere.”

Why RoadSync Advance

RoadSync Advance is a dedicated broker carrier payment management platform that streamlines and connects transactions. Brokers and carriers are able to pay accessorial and lumper fees quickly and easily, driver delays are reduced, and back-offices get invaluable insights for reconciliation, fraud prevention, and cash flow.

How Cindy’s Logistics Reduces the Headache of Paying Lumper Fees with RoadSync Advance

  • Ability to quickly pre-authorize funds
  • A faster way to pay lumper fees
  • EFS check acceptance
  • Reduced after-hour calls
  • Time- and cost-savings