Customer Spotlight

Muse Freight LLC

A platform designed for the logistics industry

Building products that customers in the logistics industry love requires a deep understanding of the actors, processes and relationships on the ecosystem. Gathering constant feedback and being open to listening has been a vital component in creating RoadSync Pay, an iterative process where Muse Freight Brokerage has been an important collaborator.

As a fast growing Broker, Muse Freight challenged the possibilities of the platform since the beginning. Managing thousands of payments a day requires a platform that is designed for massive interaction with massive information. RoadSync Pay’s features are built to suit Muse’s very big loads.

“I love it when other companies think about my company. Having sessions with the RoadSync team where I can share my experience and needs makes me feel heard and understood. There has been a huge impact in our business since we started using the platform, and their recently released features for scheduling and batching payments get us very close to moving our entire payment system to RoadSync Pay.”

~ Chaz Langeneckert, Director of Finance

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How Muse saves time & money with RoadSync Pay

  • Scheduling payments
  • Batching multiple payments into a single transaction
  • Less time spent on trivial task’s with automated remittance emails