Customer Spotlight

Blue Titan Logistics LLC

Faster, digitized payments to grow the business

Like many freight brokerages, Blue Titan used to cut checks the old, manual way. After signing with RoadSync, Blue Titan now has the ability to automate this process with a click of a button, thus making the job faster and more enjoyable. And when it comes to grow the business, they have also raised the volume of Next Day ACH transactions by processing them at lower fees through RoadSync Pay.

With extra time on their hands they’re now able to focus on what’s really important, growing the business by transferring most of their transactions to the platform.

Ease of use for the Logistics payments

Furthermore, in the Logistics industry, digitalizing payments isn’t always the norm, and this lack of standardization extends to the user-friendliness of payment platforms. Many of these platforms can be quite challenging to navigate and often require extensive training sessions and ongoing support, making it difficult to commit to a single option.

To illustrate, manually inputting a new payee’s information is a time-consuming task that you can now bypass by accessing RoadSync’s trusted carrier data base. This improved usability has made a noticeable difference since Blue Titan started using RoadSync Pay, and it’s one of the key reasons they have no plans to switch to another platform.

I really enjoy using RoadSync Pay. It’s a straightforward and helpful product that saves us a lot of time on manual tasks like writing checks and sending remittance emails. Now, we can dedicate more time to what matters most: growing our business!

~ Andrew Campolattano

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How Blue Titan grows their business by using RoadSync Pay

  • Centralizing payments in a straightforward, easy-to-use platform
  • Making many Next Day ACH transactions with low fees
  • Using RoadSync Pay’s database to pull Carriers
  • Paying lower fees for faster transactions