Customer Spotlight

Beard’s Towing

Back on the Road: A Towing Legacy

Beard’s Towing, based out of Fort Worth, Texas, has been a beacon of reliability in the towing industry for over ten years. Founded by James and Chloe, who both grew up in the towing business. Their fleet of over 50 trucks, ranging from heavy-duty rotators to flatbeds, handles emergency response situations, making a real impact in their community.

The Challenge of Chargebacks

Before RoadSync entered the scene, Beard’s Towing faced a significant challenge with chargebacks. Using standalone credit card terminals provided by various banks led to persistent issues. Despite their best efforts, chargebacks remained an insurmountable problem, costing the company time and money. The need for a solution became evident when a RoadSync representative reached out, sparking interest within Beard’s Towing.

The RoadSync Solution: A Seamless Transition

Upon exploring RoadSync’s solution, Chloe initially hesitated, assuming they didn’t need an alternative credit card processor. However, the persistent outreach and the promise of addressing chargeback challenges led them to give it a chance. This transition from standalone credit card terminals to RoadSync’s comprehensive platform marked a turning point for Beard’s Towing. The reduction in chargebacks became immediately apparent, offering tangible benefits.

The impact of RoadSync on Beard’s Towing is twofold. Tangibly, the streamlined credit card processing has significantly reduced chargebacks, saving the company both time and money. The transition to a paperless system has brought about operational efficiency, reducing manual errors. Intangibly, RoadSync added an extra layer of trust, ensuring legitimate transactions and fostering a smoother workflow. This seamless transition resulted in considerable time savings for Beard’s Towing. Dealing with chargebacks, once a time-consuming challenge, saw drastic improvements with RoadSync’s solution, contributing to a more efficient workflow and a safer, more secure business environment.

RoadSync’s Dedicated Support

What sets RoadSync apart for Beard’s Towing is the dedicated support and innovative features. The proactive involvement of the RoadSync team in industry matters has created a sense of reliability, knowing they have a partner actively invested in their success. This added layer of security to Beard’s Towing operations stems from RoadSync’s unwavering commitment to providing support and innovative solutions.

Advice for Others

Reflecting on their experience, Beard’s Towing advises others to thoroughly understand their specific challenges and needs. Emphasizing the importance of a tailored solution, they recommend not settling for a one-size-fits-all approach. Seeking guidance from the support team during the implementation phase is crucial for a seamless integration.


  • Streamlined Credit Card Processing
  • Paperless Workflow
  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Dedicated Support