Customer Spotlight

Pera Logistics LLC

Saving time and money with a payment solution

As a payment solution, RoadSync Pay is facing the challenges that Brokers and Carriers experience in 2023. The logistics industry leaders are no longer sticking with expensive, complicated tools that require excessive effort to complete a transaction and keep track of payment statuses. That’s why Pera Logistics chose RoadSync Pay.

Since adopting RoadSync Pay, they’ve eliminated the need to repeatedly complete lengthy forms with intricate payment details, stoped multiple phone calls and emails with the Bank, and spared themselves from high fees associated with slower transactions. Inquires from carriers and factoring companies about payment statuses are now set to zero, as they are consistently informed, alleviating any lingering concerns for the company.

We hope we never have to stop using RoadSync Pay! It has challenged the complex interfaces of traditional payment solutions. Our experience is smooth, and we’re saving in operations time and transaction fees.

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How Pera Logistics saves time and money with RoadSync Pay:

  • Using a payment platform designed for the logistics industry
  • Experiencing a smooth payment process
  • Paying lower fees for faster transactions, saving up to 15 dollars per transaction