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Gourmet Foods International

RoadSync Checkout Takes the Cake for Specialty Foods Distributor Gourmet Foods International with Saving Operational Time

We had a quick chat with Rommel Santos, the Operations/Transportation Manager at Gourmet Foods International about the company’s experience using RoadSync Checkout, and the value it brings to the organization today. 

RoadSync: What is the biggest advantage or benefit you have seen from using RoadSync Checkout?

Customer: Everything is all digital now, and that saves a lot of time. Our team members don’t have to call to get approvals for access codes for fleetchecks (like Comdata or EFS), which normally take a lot of time.

Imagine a 5-minute process now being only a 1-minute process. This really cuts down on our operational costs. That’s a win-win across the board.

RoadSync: Can you share any specific metrics or quantify what savings might look like across the board?

Customer: If you think about taking five to 10 minutes, depending on the complexity, down to one minute that creates a significant time savings. Also, processes that typically fell on our staff are now either being processed through the RoadSync system like EFS or Comdata codes, or those processes are being handled by other parties like the drivers, brokers, carriers and even dispatchers.

All that said, with average volumes ranging from 15 to 30 transactions per day (at any given location), at the minimum, youre looking at savings of one hour plus per day for our staff. That adds up.

RoadSync: What are some of the other features of the solution that have been helpful to you or the organization?

Customer: The savings on operational time really is the biggest factor, but also the ease of access to and usability of the program have really helped with the training of our team members. And reporting. We can download reports as easy as searching the internet.

RoadSync: Can you share more about the impact provided from reporting?

Customer: Yes, the reporting lets us look at the comparison of month-to-month transactions, as well as allows our Senior Management to track how team members are using the RoadSync tool, and if they are charging carriers when deliveries are made. It also helps reconciliation with our accounts receivable side.

RoadSync: Do you feel that you have the ability to collect revenue now where previously you would lose revenue because you had no way of charging the carrier?

Customer: Actually yes. Having additional payment options like the credit card. We’ve had an experience with a carrier that only carried cash. So, we were able to pay the lumper fee with our credit card and still accept the cash from the driver and keep things digital. Having the option to run a credit card is a huge plus, especially, since we don’t have a direct account with EFS or Comdata or really any other means of making a payment in a situation like that.

RoadSync: Anything else you’d like to share?

Customer: We are just really happy with RoadSync.


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  • Gourmet Foods International is a full-service wholesale specialty food distributor with warehouse/distribution locations set up to receive truckloads of specialty food items that are then prepared for final delivery to customers.