It’s Time to Go Contactless at your Warehouse

It’s Time to Go Contactless at your Warehouse

March 24, 2020

Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of daily life. Closures and cancellations seem to be the new normal. On March 17, President Trump ordered the nation to avoid restaurants and groups of 10 people or more. Between the risk of a recession and the upending of everyday American life, coronavirus is causing a lot of fear and uncertainty across the country.

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But for essential services, life must go on. Trucks are still weaving their way across the U.S. to deliver food, supplies and other essential items – and this means that many warehouses may actually be busier than they’ve ever been. In particular, regional warehouses are seeing a big uptick in activity: loads that move less than 450 miles increased over 13% within the first week of March alone

Continuing to serve this increased customer demand while protecting workers who interact with a variety of customers at your dock doors daily is not an easy feat. A no-touch payment platform like RoadSync helps to minimize contact between your workers and customers, shore up cash flow, and provide greater visibility into profitability – because it’s built for warehouse businesses like yours.

Here’s a closer look at how RoadSync can help your business:

Touchless operations

Exchanging money can be an unsanitary job. It’s one that your team is performing countless times a day as they collect fees at the dock door. Every time your workers receive a fleet check, hand someone a pen to write down a credit card number, or handle a payment device, they risk spreading an illness like coronavirus. In fact, scientists say that coronavirus can survive on plastic surfaces, like credit cards, for up to three days.

Given the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s suggestions to limit contact with others, it’s crucial to have a way to handle payments quickly without the risk of making employees or customers sick. RoadSync creates a truly touchless environment, which minimizes contact across your team and customers. It mitigates the spread of germs or viruses, and keeps your team feeling safe on the job.

Cash flow

The effects of coronavirus will be felt for months to come. It’s an unprecedented situation that has businesses appropriately wondering about the longer-term effects to their operations. Given these circumstances, steady cash flow to pay workers, cover expenses and provide a cushion in the event of a recession is especially important right now.

RoadSync has your back by allowing you to process payments on the spot to improve cash flow. This fluidity gives your business the flexibility it needs to keep moving, no matter what.

Efficiency improvements 

Just like strong cash flow, efficient operations will make it easier for warehouses to weather the coming months. Efficiency is key, whether you’re seeing a temporary slowdown in business or are busier than ever. Processing payments manually often eats up time for warehouse workers, who have to write down information to enter later, verify fleet checks over the phone, and reconcile paper invoices and spreadsheets. The cumbersome nature of processing payments can also lead to human error, causing warehouses to miss collecting certain accessorial fees altogether.

RoadSync helps you track cash flow all the way to the dock door, increasing team productivity while helping warehouses boost revenues by 3-6% from stopping fee leakage.- and with built-in reporting and analytics, you have the data you need to stay informed on every aspect of your finances.

Touchless makes working together, safer 

The impact of COVID-19 will be felt for months, if not years, to come. We all have a responsibility to pitch in toward the common goal of mitigating the spread of coronavirus. RoadSync can ensure greater safety for your employees and customers, all while strengthening cash flow and operational efficiency. We’re dedicated to helping our warehouse customers protect their teams and their bottom lines – no matter what the months ahead may bring.

It’s time to go RoadSync

The most successful businesses in the U.S. use RoadSync to simplify payment activities, reduce payment processing time, and maximize revenue collection.


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