Get the visibility you need and the control you want with RoadSync Pay

RoadSync for Lumpers

Faster Fee Collection, More Revenue

You’ve got a job to do and don’t need to be bogged down with payment complications. With RoadSync Checkout, you’ll be able to collect lumper fees quickly, for faster, more easily tracked revenue.

Custom Invoices

Keep Your Warehouse Moving

We don’t want anything to slow you down, and that includes your ability to accept payments for lumper fees. RoadSync Checkout is designed with lumpers in mind. Use Checkout to quickly create custom invoices, text them to drivers in real time, and take a variety of payments on the spot.

Payments Software

Make it Easy to Get Paid

Without any additional hardware, accept fuel cards, credit cards, and contactless, digital payments. You’ll also be able to accept fleet checks and process them instantly to save time and eliminate return fees and trips to the bank.

Analytics & Reporting

Get an All-in-One View

Get a full view of transactions and operations. With RoadSync Checkout, you’ll be able to monitor payments and revenue on a daily basis and generate detailed reports to improve accounting visibility, processes, and deposit time.

A Suite of Solutions, One Easy Platform

Full of the features you need to accept more payments, RoadSync Checkout is designed with lumpers in mind.

  • Custom Invoices

    Detail all lumper and other charges, in simple, digital invoices.

  • On-the-Spot Transactions

    Take payments virtually anywhere and process transactions in seconds.

  • Instant Receipts

    Shorten payment time and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) with instant receipts.

  • Check Authorization

    Process fleet checks at the dock door instantly and checks are deposited automatically into your account eliminating bank trips.

  • Peace of Mind

    Payments made with RoadSync Checkout are always secure and protected.

  • Secure, Digital Trail

    Minimize paperwork with all your transactions and receipts in one place.

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What Our Customers Say

“We absolutely love the program – it has proven to be efficient in our internal operations. We even use it now with our appointment scheduling and take payment directly from dispatchers before their deliveries arrive.”

— Kelly Kitowski
Lineage Logistics
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