Adding Photos & Videos to Your Facebook Business Page

This blog is part of a series about Facebook marketing for heavy duty repair and tow businesses. Check out our blog for more tips and tricks for building your web presence through free online marketing tools.

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Your Facebook business page isn’t complete without visuals. As a heavy duty repair or tow business, you too can showcase what you do for your customers through photos and videos.

The Importance of Adding Photos & Videos to Your Facebook Page

Many of your customers will prefer learning about your business through photos and videos. In fact, when Sprout Social asked customers what type of content they like to engage with, 68% preferred images, 50% chose videos, and 30% enjoyed posts with just text.

Why? Images and videos grab the attention of your customers. Plus, they’re easy to share and take less time to consume than text-based posts. As a result, customers are more likely to like, share, or comment on visual posts.

For example, as a heavy duty repair company, the result of a quality repair service is best shown through a visual before and after. And as a tow company, you can better showcase your towing abilities with images of your equipment and expert team.

How to Properly Post Photos & Videos

Posting photos and videos on your Facebook business page is simple. All you need to do is tap or click Create Post once you land on your business page. From there, you’ll be able to upload the photo or video of your choice.

It’s important to remain consistent in the visuals you post. They should align with your business and your brand. You should also avoid posting an image or video without context. Simply add a short description to the post and let your visual do the rest.

What Photos & Videos Drive Customer Engagement on Facebook?

The photos and videos that drive engagement for your specific business depend on your unique target audience. While images with bright colors and animated videos work well across the board, it’s best to deliver the visuals your audience wants.

Take some time to experiment! Post a video about one of your services and how it might be beneficial to your audience. Create an easily shareable infographic that details an important topic in the towing or repair industry.

As you try new things, take notes on what attracts the most engagement. Over time, you’ll grow to better understand what images and videos connect with your audience.

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