How Directory Listings Can Increase Your Business

How Directory Listings Can Increase Your Business

What happens when one of your potential customers has a breakdown during their roadtrip? They’ll do a geo-based search for heavy duty repair and tow businesses nearby to get back up and running again. Your business should show up front and center in that search.

One of the ways to make this happen is to list your business on heavy duty repair and tow directories.


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What Is an Online Directory?

Online directories are great tools to use when marketing your heavy duty repair and tow business. But, what are they? An online directory is simply a listing of businesses in a specific niche or industry. BigRig411 is an example of a directory for the trucking industry.

Each listing will include general information about a business such as its phone number, website and services. These listings are often categorized by location and type of services offered. The goal is to make finding a business easier for customers.


The Many Benefits of Heavy Duty Repair and Tow Directories

Should you list your repair and tow business? Absolutely! These are some popular trucking directories that can help you increase business. Here are just some of the many benefits you’ll experience:

1. More listings = higher profile: The more directories you list with, the better your online visibility. When a customer uses a search engine to find the services you offer, you’ll be more likely to show up. This is also true for local searches when customers need services near them (i.e., “repair shops near me”).

2. Won’t break your wallet: Many directories offer listings at a low cost; some are even free to use.

3. Transparency for customers: Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraud and distrust in the heavy duty repair and tow business. Listing your business can build customer trust by supplying helpful information and proving that you are who you say you are. Some websites will even allow prior customers to leave reviews which can help build trust in your services.

4. More customer reviews: Speaking of reviews, some directories simplify the entire process. On some websites, customers can go directly to your listing and leave a review about your services without much effort. Simplifying the review process may increase the number of reviews you receive. And when it comes to reviews, quantity matters. Businesses that feature more than 25 reviews see a 108% increase in revenue.

5. Better search ranking: You want your business to show up in Google whenever someone searches for repair shops in their area. Listing your business in a directory shows the search engine that you’re an actual business that provides great service, which may help you rank higher on the search result page.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of Repair Shop Directories With BigRig411

RoadSync has launched an online directory service for heavy duty repair and tow businesses. BigRig411 helps consumers find truck and trailer repair, heavy duty tow providers and other critical truck services 24/7. Try BigRig411 today! RoadSync customers are added to this directory for free. To get your company listed, ask us how!


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