Generating Reviews on Facebook

Generating Reviews on Facebook

Chances are, all of us have read an online review for a local business. It’s also normal for us to ask for recommendations from friends and family when we seek professional services. 

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The experiences others have with a business help us decide if their services are the right choice for our needs. This is why your heavy duty repair and tow business Facebook page isn’t complete without reviews.

The Basics of Generating Facebook Reviews

Nine out of 10 consumers read reviews before making a purchase of any kind. Showcasing your reviews on Facebook is a great way to attract potential customers and convert them into leads for your business. Let’s dive into the basics.

Who Should You Ask for a Review?

It’s perfectly acceptable to start with customers whose repair or tow job was successful. At first, this is a great way to generate reviews fairly quickly. In the future, however, you should consider asking each customer you work with for an honest review of your work.

When Should You Ask for a Review?

It’s best to ask for a review soon after completing a successful job. At this point, your customer is still elated over their experience and more willing to share it with others. If they don’t give a review, don’t give up—consider following up by email in a few days.

How to Ask for a Facebook Review?

There are many ways to ask your customers for a Facebook review. For example, you could simply say, “Hey, we’d love for you to leave a review on our Facebook page” at the close of a job.

To ensure your customers follow through, here are a few tips:

  • Send a reminder via email: A few days after the completion of a job, send your customers a friendly reminder email saying thank you and asking for their review. Include a link to your Facebook page to make it easy.
  • Add a review button to your website: Customers who have a great experience often return. Place a button or link on your website that enables returning customers to visit your Facebook page to leave a review.
  • Place a note on your job invoices: Add a quick note to your job invoices reminding customers to leave you a Facebook review.

Make a Positive Impact on Your Online Presence With Facebook

Generating reviews on Facebook is a simple way to improve your heavy duty repair and tow business’ online presence and attract more customers.

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