How Fees Cover Variable Operating Costs at Your Warehouse

How Fees Cover Variable Operating Costs at Your Warehouse

September 29, 2021

Today, your warehouse likely charges drivers various costs—including shipment intake, packing and loading fees. But there are additional charges you can consider integrating into your operation, in order to recover the costs you and your team incur.

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  • Late fees: Sometimes, trucks are late to arrive. And when this happens, a domino effect can occur at the warehouse, congesting your intake and preventing the next truck from unloading on-time. Late fees can help recoup the costs associated with the time and effort you take to resolve a late shipment.
  • Accessorial fees: Are you using lumpers in your warehouse? Are there specific challenges to your location, such as city congestion or extra complications due to residential zoning? Those all fall into the category of accessorial fees and can be passed on to deliveries.
  • Overnight parking fees: Depending on the time a truck arrives, drivers may need to stay overnight in your warehouse parking lot. This can quickly cause crowding—and overnight parking fees can help manage the situation.
  • Offload fees: Offloading shipping containers can be challenging; they’re extremely heavy, and often require the use of specialized equipment. Charging an offload fee ensures you’re compensated for the additional work.
  • Handling fees: You may already charge processing and fulfillment fees, but there are others to consider—including inspection fees, repacking fees, stretch wrapping fees and bundling fees.
  • Special requirement fees: Does a shipment require temperature control or specific handling? Special requirement fees can help offset these costs.


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