Pay Your Warehouse Fees with Ease

Pay Your Warehouse Fees with Ease

September 29, 2021

As a driver, warehouse fees are an unavoidable part of doing business. But even with advance planning, they can come up unexpectedly, slow down your trip and cut into your revenue. Resolving these charges can take lots of time and effort, and often involves physical paperwork that over-complicates the process.

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Based on when you arrive at your destination, you may be subject to late fees or overnight parking charges. And depending on your cargo, there may be offloading, handling or special requirement dues to pay. Each warehouse operates differently, so it can be extremely difficult to predict which fees you may encounter. Have you pulled up to a warehouse not knowing that they charge accessorial fees?


The surprise of warehouse fees can cause another problem: reimbursement. Did your broker or carrier inform you of any accessorial fees beforehand? Do you know how they will cover your costs? You’ll need at least a lumper fee receipt and maybe even an invoice. Submitting a paper-based lumper receipt is annoying and can be difficult. Emailing digital receipts would make that process a lot easier. Also, how will you pay for these fees? You may need to prepare to pay in fleet checks, credit cards, WEX EFS and Fleet One cards.


But no matter the fee structure, RoadSync Checkout has you covered. Our platform simplifies transactions and reduces processing time—enabling you to pay all your fees from one easy-to-use interface, and get back on the road faster.


Pay Your Way

RoadSync Checkout accepts many common forms of payment—including fleet checks, credit cards, WEX EFS and Fleet One cards. And it keeps a digital record of every transaction, minimizing the need for physical paperwork and eliminating lost receipts. You can send digital invoices so you can get paid faster.


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