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RoadSync Grows with Announcement of First CFO

March 20, 2021

RoadSync is excited to announce growth to the Atlanta team with our first CFO, Kevin Phillips. Learn more about Kevin and his experiences.

Powering commerce in the logistics industry requires solid financial planning. Today, RoadSync is continuing our commitment to serving the logistics industry by welcoming RoadSync’s first CFO, Kevin Phillips, to the team.

Kevin joined RoadSync at the end of 2020, and we recently had the opportunity to sit down (virtually) to dive deeper into understanding his background and why RoadSync. In this critical growth time for RoadSync, Kevin is the personification of fintech with extensive experience creating solutions, whether technology, finance, or strategic decisions.

Welcome to RoadSync! Let’s start by telling us about yourself and your career.

A summation of my professional career is I create solutions. My last company is a perfect example. I started as CTO focusing on building our original platform for our customers. Then we realized we’d needed a solution in our back office because we didn’t have one, and I naturally moved into the role of CFO building out the back office. And as new problems emerged due to our company growing, I continued to create solutions. 

Before that, I held a lot of technology roles over the years. I’ve always looked at technologies and built or evolved them by creating a solution to a problem. All my roles within these companies exist to create solutions for problems.

Now we’ve heard this isn’t your first time in logistics. Tell us more!

A couple of decades ago, I built out a warehouse. That’s how I first got involved in logistics. It was building the warehouse from the ground up. We leased a building and designed the flow in the warehouse, hired the teams, put together the systems for the deliveries, and then delivered the goods to stores in airports across the U.S. Those shops in the airport have to get their goods from somewhere, and that was what the company I was with did.

Robin Gregg, CEO, Quote on Kevin Phillips

What made you decide to join RoadSync as our first CFO?

I love to improve things, so RoadSync’s mission of changing the logistics ecosystem’s payments experience is intriguing. There are just so many inefficiencies in the industry that we serve, so we’re trying to solve the problem. I find that exciting and an intellectual challenge. And it helps that the people I’ve met already at RoadSync are smart, driven, and caring, the kind of people I want to spend a couple of years in the foxhole with.

What brings you joy outside of work?

I run marathons, and my bucket list is to do one on each of the seven continents. The remaining are South America, Australia, and Antarctica. And yes, they do have one every year in Antarctica with some unique challenges of running there.

Before the pandemic, I traveled extensively, almost all the time, and will drag my camera around the world with me. I’ve been throughout Europe, Central and Northern Africa, and a good part of Asia. It’s been fascinating getting to know people in different cultures and different experiences. Food is central to so many cultures worldwide, and everyone wants to show off their culture. They’re very proud of it and their food.

What piece of advice have you recently received that resonated the most with you?

It’s a piece of advice I’ve heard several times, but it was recently given back to me. It was “Focus on what you can impact. Don’t waste time worrying about what you can’t change or influence. Focus on the things you can do, and don’t worry about the other stuff, especially with COVID happening.” 

Please join us here at RoadSync in welcoming Kevin as RoadSync’s first CFO!

If you’re interested in joining the RoadSync team, check out our Careers page for our open positions!

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