A Winning Plan for Chargebacks

August 21, 2019

Only 21% of chargeback disputes are won by merchants. This doesn’t mean that most chargebacks submitted are justified— tow & repair shops can lose a dispute even if they’ve provided quality service.   However, by following the right protocols, you can maximize your chances for victory. Here are a few tips & tricks to help win your next chargeback battle.

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1. Know the Process Chargebacks have strict deadlines and involve sets of required documentation to formally submit. Familiarize yourself with these items beforehand to approach the process with ease.

2. Keep Detailed Records Maintain documentation of service, itemized receipts and customer contact info for every transaction to maximize validity. Have a repeatable process in place to collect this information daily.

3. Understand the Reason Codes Each chargeback reason code requires a unique set of documentation pertaining to the sale. Should you submit irrelevant or excessive information for your case, you may be denied without consideration.

4. Avoid Second Chargebacks While submitting an airtight rebuttal the first time may be time-consuming, it could be the difference-maker between a victory or redoing the entire process all over again. Putting the above tips into practice will put you in a better position to recover your revenue. But what if you could avoid chargebacks all together? With 20 years of combined payment industry experience, RoadSync assists tow & repair facilities across the country to minimize chargebacks and maximize revenue.


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