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Leaders in Payments Podcast | Robin Gregg, CEO of RoadSync | Episode 133

December 15, 2021

Check out our CEO, Robin Gregg, on the latest episode of the Leaders In Payments Podcast. Listen in as she shares RoadSync’s role in helping digitize and automate the logistics industry.


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Robin Gregg, the CEO of RoadSync is our special guest on this episode, episode 133 of the Leaders in Payments Podcast.

A West Virginia native and Harvard graduate with a 15-year payments career, Robin Gregg is the CEO of Atlanta-based RoadSync.

Now, when it comes to blazing trails, Robin is no stranger to lighting that fire. Not only did she climb to the top of the corporate ladder in such a male-dominated industry, she also helped create and currently leads a payments platform designed specifically for the trucking industry (another male-dominated space). These two facts alone make her story a fascinating one.

RoadSync caters specifically to the transportation industry to enable payment acceptance for various vendors, outside of fuel, that support the trucking industry. It’s a really interesting perspective to hear Robin talk about how payment acceptance is woven into an industry that is not often synonymous with fintech. But after hearing the important role that real-time payments play in the trucking space, it’s a wonder why it isn’t.

According to Robin, the trucking industry is extremely fragmented. And as a result, it has been slow to digitize. The demand for real-time payments is a huge necessity to the business model though and thanks to platforms like RoadSync, this is finally becoming a reality.

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