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RoadSync CEO on Coffee w/#The Freight Coach Podcast

January 4, 2023

Check out our CEO, Robin Gregg, on the latest episode of the Coffee w/#The Freight Coach. Listen in as she shares her start in the logistics space and RoadSync’s mission to automate financial solutions in the transportation and logistics industry.


Listen to the full episode here.

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Enhancing the Payment Experience with Ease

The transportation and logistics industry is interesting in how they deal with making payments and ensuring that they get paid. Not too many industries can say they work with their own specialty payment products, such as Comdata fleet checks. However, the current payment methods used in the transportation and logistics industry are quickly becoming outdated.

“You know, a lot of the tech is very antiquated, which is actually one of the reasons that we exist and [the tech that does exist is] kind of hard to use.” RoadSync CEO Robin Gregg told The Freight Coach, Chris Jolly.

RoadSync strives to make logistics transactions and financial management faster and easier. RoadSync simplifies the process of managing routine expenses whether it’s a faster transaction at the dock door or a simpler way to keep track of expenses while on the road.

Every time a truck driver accepts a load, it’s as if they are going on an unfunded business trip. Expenses such as heavy-duty truck repairs, towing costs, parking fees, truck washes, and unloading charges can all be unavoidable additions that add up quickly!

“We actually offer solutions that allow people to pay and issue payments either same day ACH or real-time, pushed onto a debit card … And so those are some of the newer products that we’ve been bringing to people because we think it’s important for brokers to be competitive and for them to be able to be attractive to carriers, but also for the carriers themselves to make it easier to get payments,” said Robin Gregg.


Payments Made Easy and Accessible

RoadSync streamlines the payment process between brokers, carriers, drivers, warehouses, and heavy-duty repair and tow merchants. Whenever you conduct business with a new provider or vendor, there is always an element of risk involved. You must hope that they will act in good faith and pay what is owed to you on time. RoadSync offers “a network of pre-screened merchants and vendors that you know have been providing good services and that are reliable”, said Gregg.

By integrating its spend management platform with its mobile point of sale platform, RoadSync has simplified the checkout process for drivers. All they have to do is give their cellphone number when paying at a merchant location that uses RoadSync Checkout – the system will then recognize if they’ve received an approved payment through RoadSync Advance and allow them to complete it in just one click. Furthermore, all relevant information and receipts are sent back automatically to whoever made the payment on the driver’s behalf.


Powering Today’s Supply Chain

RoadSync is revolutionizing the way payments are made within the logistics supply chain, providing users with incredibly fast, simple, and accessible payment solutions based on industry-standard methods.

Now more than ever, the trucking industry faces complex supply chain challenges. To combat this and make life easier for drivers, it is essential to maximize efficiency gains and streamline interactions between those in the supply chain.

RoadSync Checkout is the perfect solution for merchants looking to streamline payment acceptance and data capture. With RoadSync Advance, brokers or carriers can conveniently issue payments to their drivers while simultaneously tracking receipts and gaining greater visibility into operations.