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RoadSync Partners with PTP to Deliver Seamless and Cost-Effective Payment Solutions

November 17, 2021

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ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RoadSync, the leading digital financial platform for the supply chain, announced today it has partnered with Professional Transportation Partners, LLC (PTP) to offer its Checkout product at a discount to all vendors in the PTP Shop Repair Centers network. Through this partnership, PTP Shop Repair Centers realize cost savings and a more seamless, efficient payment process.

“Our ultimate goal at RoadSync is to modernize the supply chain by increasing accessibility to first-in-class financial solutions,” says Robin Gregg, CEO, RoadSync. “Partnering with PTP Shop Repair Centers was a strategic step for us, as we’re now able to deliver technological efficiencies to PTP’s entire network and its customers, thereby making the day-to-day more seamless for everyone. Drivers get back on the road faster, and repair centers are ready to serve their next customer.”

Custom built for heavy-duty repair and tow customers, RoadSync Checkout improves profitability for the industry while dramatically reducing payment processing time and maximizing revenue collection. The platform offers real-time invoice building, protection against chargebacks, and the ability to accept payments roadside. Vendors in the PTP Shop Repair Centers network can now take advantage of an optimized payment process at a discounted rate, resulting in time and money saved.

“We’re very excited about this partnership with RoadSync,” states Burt Newman, President, PTP. “We look forward to working with them to offer much-needed point of sale and processing solutions for our repair center members. RoadSync’s payment solution will make transactions easier and more efficient for our members, both in-house and while they are on the road servicing their customers.”

This partnership with PTP Shop Repair Centers is RoadSync’s latest advancement in the organization’s strategy to drive innovation in the supply chain. As the leading logistics financial solution, RoadSync remains committed to expanding the accessibility of technology to the supply chain, effectively supporting impactful modernization and a shift to contactless and digital payment technologies. For more information, visit

About RoadSync
RoadSync is the digital financial platform for the logistics industry. By removing paper and phone calls from business transactions, RoadSync offers a fast, convenient, and secure way to move and manage money and conduct business, dramatically reducing payment processing time and maximizing revenue collection. RoadSync offers payment products for warehouses, trucks/carriers, and repair/tow merchants, integrating and automating the financial systems fueling the logistics industry. For more information, visit

About Professional Transportation Partners, LLC
Founded in 1996, Professional Transportation Partners (PTP) is a marketing association of independent travel centers and repair centers. PTP offers fuel marketing, vendor savings programs, rewards and loyalty programs to assist independent travel centers, repair centers and c-store owners with increasing their business and bottom-line profits.

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