Are you leaking revenue at your warehouse?

Are you leaking revenue at your warehouse?

August 22, 2019

Do you manage one of the thousands of warehouses that charge for unloading, restacking, late fees, or rescheduling?  If so, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars in payments. Manual systems and processes result in lower revenue collection. Here are 4 ways you might not be collecting your fair share.

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  1. Not recording fees in a systematic way. If you don’t have great systems for tracking fees real-time and to ensure your accounting team has record of them, you might be losing out. We’ve seen facilities track fees with spreadsheets, clipboards, and even post-it notes. None of which are great ways to make sure fees are properly being calculated and billed to the right customer.
  1. Not consistently depositing payments in the bank. If you’re collecting business or fleet checks and not regularly depositing them, you increase the risk of losing the payments. Paper payments can get tucked away in the wrong spot, lost en-route to the bank, or otherwise misplaced – creating headaches later.
  1. Not authorizing or verifying payment methods at the time of fee collection. When you run a credit card after the driver has already left your facility, it’s harder to collect an alternate payment if the card is declined. Same goes for authorizing fleet checks. Payments are easier to collect while the driver is still at your facility.
  1. Not tracking payment collection by employee, location, or shift. Maybe your team waives fees at nights. Or an employee forgets the right rates. Or you charge different rates at different facilities for the same service. If you don’t have visibility into your payments, you won’t know and can’t fix it.


A standard, easy to use tracking and payments system is the easiest way to solve this and many more problems. We’d love to show you what RoadSync can do for you.


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