Attracting and Hiring Employees for Your Shop

Attracting and Hiring Employees for Your Shop

March 4, 2021

Your heavy duty repair and tow services are only as good as those performing them. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to attract and recruit great employees for your repair and tow shop. This quick guide will give you the tips you need to make it happen.


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Start by Writing a Detailed & Inviting Job Description

To attract qualified candidates who are excited about working for your shop, you need an inviting and informative job description. It shouldn’t just outline your requirements. Instead, your job descriptions should make qualified candidates want to work for you. A great job description includes:

  • Your mission: What’s your business about? Draw applicants in by explaining your mission and how your employees can help you reach your goals.
  • The benefits you offer: Be sure to include the perks of working with you such as the work environment, pay and time off.
  • The applicant’s job responsibilities: What can the applicant expect to do each day? Include information about their responsibilities and tasks.
  • The applicant’s job qualifications: What should the applicant know or understand to do their job well? Include qualifications such as machinery use, certifications and education, if applicable.


Posting Your Job Openings Online

With a job description ready to go, it’s time to post your job opening online. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can post your openings on your website for easy access.

To get more eyes on your openings, you can also publish open positions on job boards such as Indeed, Monster and ZipRecruiter. Although there are some costs associated with using these boards, you’re guaranteed to receive applicants.


Tips for an Effective Interview Process

After posting your open position, applications will start to stream in. It’s now up to you to interview the candidates you choose to see if they’re a good fit for your team. Before you schedule that first interview, here are some tips:


  • Draft your interview process: Will you have one interview? Will the candidate go through an interview with you and a peer interview? Create a document that outlines your interview process to ensure you follow through with each step.
  • Prepare your questions ahead of time: Prepare the questions you want to ask each candidate ahead of time. This ensures you make the most of your interview time.
  • Help your candidates feel comfortable and confident: Candidates will bring their best to an interview if they feel comfortable. Share with them what you’ll be discussing, so they have extra time to prepare.


Need More Advice? Reach Out to RoadSync Today!

If you’re looking for even more advice on hiring employees for your heavy duty repair and tow shop, keep an eye on our blog. For additional information about business solutions to improve your bottom line, reach out to RoadSync today!


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