Concerned About Coronavirus? Go Contactless

Concerned About Coronavirus? Go Contactless

March 24, 2020

Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of daily life at an exponential rate. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) is recommending Americans practice “social distancing,” which aims to keep people at a healthy distance to avoid exposing new people to the virus. As a result, life has been put on a temporary hold in many ways to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

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But for essential services, life must go on. Trucks are still crisscrossing the U.S. to deliver food, supplies and other essential items. Shelves are cleared out at stores, with an 8.52% increase of shipments during this time. Hours of Service limits have been lifted ensuring that more trucks will be on the road during this period which will lead to additional breakdowns as well. 

A no-touch payment platform like RoadSync can help to minimize contact between your workers and customers, shore up cash flow, and provide greater visibility into profitability. Designed for repair and tow businesses, RoadSync is built to make payments faster and simpler across your operations. Here’s how RoadSync can help support your business during these uncertain times, and set you up for future success. 

Touchless operations

Exchanging money at a repair site can be a dirty job – one that your team members are performing countless times a day as they serve customers in the field. They take fleet checks, write down credit card numbers, and handle payment devices to receive credit card information.  All of these actions carry the risk of transmitting a virus like the coronavirus. In fact, scientists say that the coronavirus can survive on plastic surfaces, like credit cards, for up to three days

RoadSync can provide protection by creating a truly touchless environment, minimizing contact across your team and customers to avoid the chances of spreading germs and viruses. This can greatly increase safety, especially while it’s crucial to make sure we’re all working together to stop the spread of the virus. 

Cash flow 

The effects of coronavirus will no doubt be felt for months to come, leaving businesses wondering about the longer-term effects to their operations. Steady cash flow to pay your workers, cover expenses, and provide a cushion against bumps in the road is especially critical right now. If you’ve been putting off upgrading your payment processes to increase financial stability, now is the time to bring it to the forefront – and we can help you do it. RoadSync allows you to process payments on the spot to improve cash flow and efficiency. It also helps protect businesses against chargebacks, which can provide immense peace of mind in an uncertain environment. 

Efficiency improvements

Just like strong cash flow, efficient operations will make it easier for repair and tow businesses to weather the events of the coming months. Processing cards or fleet checks in the field can potentially tie up drivers, preventing them from moving onto the next call. It also ties up dispatchers, forcing them to spend their time keying in credit card information instead of taking calls from new customers. And it’s that much extra work for back-office staff, who often deal with information and spreadsheets manually. 

Managing payments manually can be even harder for businesses whose workers may need to spend more time at home in the wake of school closures or potential illness, reducing overall team productivity and capacity. With the business environment volatile right now, efficiency is key whether you’re seeing a temporary slowdown in business or you’re busier than ever. 

RoadSync provides the efficiency that repair and tow businesses need to keep operations moving, no matter what may be developing in the world around you. And with built-in reporting and analytics, you have the data you need to stay informed on every aspect of your finances. 

Solutions that ensure efficiency and safety 

Between concerns about lost revenue, continued efficiency, and overall employee health and safety, repair and tow businesses need solutions to keep cash flowing during the coronavirus outbreak without putting workers at risk on the job. RoadSync allows you to keep revenue moving virtually, without having to physically exchange hands. During times like these, a digital, contactless environment can help keep both your workers and your business in good health.

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