How Warehouses Easily Save Time and Money with RoadSync Checkout

April 12, 2022

New Video Series: Overview of RoadSync Checkout

Continuing the series of videos highlighting how our Checkout and Advance products make payments easier for our customers, we’re focusing on how warehouses benefit from faster transactions with RoadSync Checkout. Over the coming weeks, we’ll share videos that bring to life how brokers and carriers can use RoadSync to speed up payments and reduce supply chain delays.


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RoadSync Checkout, our innovative digital payments platform, is an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use application specifically designed to address the challenges of collecting payments in the transportation industry.

To bring these challenges to life and show the benefits of Checkout, RoadSync developed an introductory video for warehouse operations teams. Created with a compelling animation style, this video shows the responsibilities and common frustrations scenarios that warehouse managers run into, including how charging and collecting accessorial fees can slow down dock doors. The video then demonstrates how warehouse ops teams can process fleet checks and credit card transactions in seconds, helping them turn dock doors faster.



Replacing inefficient, time-wasting paper processes with simple digital payments and workflows, RoadSync Checkout drives efficiency, maximizes revenue collection, improves visibility, and enables safer, real-time contactless payments for the warehouse and freight handling industry. And with a broad set of accepted payment types including Comdata, WEX EFS and Fleet One cards, credit cards and fleet checks, RoadSync Checkout offers your customers the convenience of using their preferred payment method.

Established in 2015, RoadSync is trusted by some of the largest freight handling companies in the industry, including IARW’s Top 5 U.S. Refrigerated Warehouses*, to grow their bottom lines. Eliminating check authorization calls, ensuring the right fee revenue is collected, improving direct billing collection time, and reducing fraud are key features that consistently drive positive ROI for our clients.

For more information on how warehouses and operations teams can benefit from RoadSync Checkout, request a demo.

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