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287 Diesel Service

Challenges, Chargebacks and Fees

Prior to using RoadSync Checkout, a digital payments platform dedicated to the logistics space, 287 Diesel Service used three or four different well-known credit card processors like First Data and Square.

With one major processor, the machines didn’t always work, multiple fees were charged per transaction, and cancellation fees to get out of the service not working for their needs cost upwards of $2,000. When moving to another processor, while it generally worked well and the ease of access and use improved for their drivers and mechanics, when it came to chargebacks and customer service, the solution fell flat.

Heidi recalls, “When you needed to speak with someone about disputing charges, there was never anyone to speak with. Chargebacks are a significant challenge faced in this industry. Being on the side of the road, you take payments but liability and fraud are higher. With previous solutions like Square, you send in the info. It goes into an email chain. You never spoke with a person.”

Diesel repair costs aren’t chump change, so when you get hit with multiple chargebacks a year that can make or break a business.

The Road to Better Protection and Customer Service

It was at a Professional Transportation Partners (PTP) Travel Plaza Meeting, which RoadSync has a partnership with to offer its Checkout product at a discount to all vendors in the PTP Shop Repair Centers network, where 287 Diesel crossed paths with a solution that might actually help them fight chargebacks, process payments more securely and provide personable customer support.

Skeptical from previous experiences and worried about trying something new that may have sounded too good to be true, Heidi still felt it was worth giving a try. And for anyone considering switching today, Heidi would give that advice, ”People are worried about trying something new. It’s overwhelming, but you gotta give it a try. There are a lot of platforms out there. But they don’t offer what RoadSync does—security and interaction with a person.”

Making the Switch

“It was the work orders. The signed authorization form. I really like that you can get authorization agreeing to the rates and everything before I dispatch; it provides more to stand on than a verbal agreement,” stated Heidi when asked why they ultimately selected RoadSync.

Heidi continued sharing that, “having the ability to send work orders holds people more accountable. If I didn’t have the work order function, I think I would have more people try chargebacks. I feel like seeing that they have to sign a document, it holds them more accountable.”

Now with RoadSync Checkout, 287 Diesel doesn’t even dispatch anyone until the work order has been signed. It’s part of their process. Customers are informed that they will receive a link that explains the rates. Once they sign, they have agreed for the company to work on their truck and a technician will be dispatched. If they don’t sign, then no one will be dispatched.

“Sometimes, we get calls asking where is the technician, and I have to remind them that they need to sign the work order first, then we will dispatch”, said Heidi. “The layers of protection and ease of use have allowed us to better track our performance as well as protect our revenue from fraudulent card users.”

Customers Ride in the Front Seat—Driving as One to Fight Chargebacks

Heidi shared that one of her favorite things about working with RoadSync is that “you have great people. If I ever have to dispute anything, the RoadSync team handles it personally.”

After moving to RoadSync, 287 Diesel Service experienced a significant drop in chargebacks. With previous solutions, they would average 10 to 15 chargebacks a year and were winning maybe 60% of those cases. With RoadSync Checkout, they’ve seen one chargeback in the last year, and won.

“I sent everything to our customer success manager and the chargeback crew at RoadSync and with all of the documentation, the case sided in our favor,” said Heidi.

With work order authorizations and file upload features such as the ability to capture roadside photos, driver’s licenses, and more, RoadSync’s Checkout solution and dedicated support team, give 287 the tools needed to better fight chargebacks.

“The tool takes the stress out of worrying about the question—am I going to get paid?”

Easy to Use & Lightning Fast Customer Service for the Win

Between Heidi and her office manager, they create 95% of 287’s work orders that are dispatched, so having an easy-to-use solution has been key. But it’s also important for their staff and has been fairly easy for their mechanics to jump in and use as well. “90% of them pick it up on the first try,” noted Heidi.

With a digital payment solution, it also “takes the money out of your techs’ hands, so they, and we don’t have to handle it, or worry about money [cash] and checks floating around,” commented Heidi.

“I really like everything about RoadSync. The tool is great. And the whole crew—everyone is super; very hands-on and you work with your customers. And the customer service is excellent and lightning fast!”


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How 287 Diesel Service Saves Time and Increases Efficiency With RoadSync

  • More security around payments in the field
  • More protection from fraud disputes
  • Less time spent processing payments over the phone
  • Faster digital processes