Customer Spotlight

Ace Towing

Back to the Drawing Board

Before using RoadSync, Ace Towing ran into issues with chargebacks and properly invoicing their customers. Each call to assist someone on the side of the road is unique in terms of the needs and what services could be offered. It required a technician to properly diagnose the situation and accurately charge the customer. Ace Towing’s ineffective process due to constraints with previously used tools, made it difficult for them to accurately bill or secure work order authorizations, making it easy for clients to be unsatisfied and not pay their bill. For example, credit cards would sometimes be declined, checks took too long to process, and without a list of services performed (and corresponding charges), some customers would try to argue against paying the full amount. Having tried multiple platforms, they were still met with solutions that weren’t user-friendly, had expensive fees, and had little to no customizable templates to meet their business needs. Ace Towing knew it was time to transform the way they handled their financial operations. 

A Quick Fix

With tools tailored to the customer, RoadSync came to the rescue. RoadSync Checkout equipped Ace Towing with a customizable invoice and work order builder. As Ace Towing owner Evan Dick said, “A big seller for me with RoadSync was the customizable invoices. 100% of our invoices go through RoadSync. RoadSync has really met all of my expectations.” 

With RoadSync Checkout, they can send their client a link to the detailed services to be performed and get authorization before work starts. This adds a tool to fight chargebacks and ensures transparency between business and customer. With previous solutions, chargebacks would take a significant amount of time. In one case, it was seven months before the chargeback was resolved. With RoadSync’s work order authorizations, and the ability to capture photos (signatures, etc.), Ace Towing typically sees a resolution within a few days.

RoadSync Checkout enables Ace Towing to process everything digitally. By getting rid of the manual process of taking down credit card information, the client can enter it themselves and sign, creating an extra layer of protection for the business. Using the platform, Ace Towing can process a variety of payment options from Comcheks, EFS checks, fuel cards, credit cards, debit cards, and contactless payments. Comparing previous invoice software with various fees and minimal customization, Evan noted, “I would say I’m in the ballpark of about $200 – $250 a month just in savings from moving over to RoadSync and getting rid of previous processes. It’s an all-in-one, all inclusive. I get the customer service and customization that I want, and really need for this industry.”

Why RoadSync Checkout

Like many businesses in the logistics industry, Ace Towing was handling financial operations manually and inefficiently. RoadSync Checkout helps digitize slow, cumbersome and often paper-based processes for both business and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few ways RoadSync Checkout helped Ace Towing get on the road to better payment processing:

  • Custom invoices
  • Digital receipts
  • Fast, easy payment acceptance
  • Tools to fight fraud and chargebacks
  • Real-time insight on transactions

The processing speed is phenomenal and then being able to have that real time answer of where the money is currently through the app or desktop [application]… It keeps things moving on our side.” 

~Evan Dick, Owner of Ace Towing


Why RoadSync

Customers ride in the front seat at RoadSync. We pride ourselves in offering a customer support team that works 24/7 to help our customers with any issues or concerns.

“I’m not just a number to RoadSync. I feel like a valued customer,” according to Evan Dick, owner of Ace Towing.

How Ace Towing Saves Time and Increases Efficiency With RoadSync

  • More security around payments in the field
  • More protection from fraud disputes
  • Less time spent processing payments over the phone
  • Faster digital processes