Customer Spotlight

Advanced Maintenance

Bumps in the Road

Prior to using RoadSync, Advanced Maintenance ran into issues with payment processing and chargebacks. When a job was complete, the employee had to ask for the client’s payment info. This meant copying down credit card numbers manually, handling checks and cash, and running the risk for human error on both ends. Advanced Maintenance was using an inefficient, error-prone process that left them vulnerable to unsatisfied clients and non-payment; credit cards were sometimes declined, checks took hours to process, and without a detailed list of services performed, clients could easily dispute charges. They knew it was time to transform the way they handled their financial operations.

The Fast Lane to Success

Advanced Maintenance has been a RoadSync customer for nearly three years now, and they’ve seen a tremendous improvement in their processes. Before an employee goes out into the field to perform a service, Advanced Maintenance is able to send the client a link of the expected charges and the client can give authorization before work starts. Rather than an employee manually taking down credit card information, the client can enter it themselves and sign, creating an extra layer of protection for the business. And, gone are the days of waiting on the phone for a check verification number. Now, Advanced Maintenance can process any sort of check–from Comchek to EFS–digitally, just as they would a credit or debit card.

Why RoadSync Checkout

Like many businesses in the logistics industry, Advanced Maintenance was handling financial operations manually. RoadSync Checkout helps digitize these slow, paper-based processes for both business and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few ways RoadSync Checkout gets businesses on the road to better payment processing:

  • Custom invoices
  • Digital receipts
  • Fast, easy payment acceptance
  • Digital fleet check authorization
  • Tools to fight fraud and chargebacks

How Advanced Maintenance reduces risk and increases efficiency with RoadSync

  • More security around payments in the field
  • More protection from fraud disputes
  • Less time spent processing checks over the phone
  • Faster digital processes