Customer Spotlight


Slow Didn’t Cut It

Before adopting the RoadSync solution, Americold received traditional fleet payments like Comcheks, EFS checks, and cash. The problem? They could only process one check at a time. For each check they received, they had to call to get a verification number. And, if the check was incorrect or faulty, Americold risked sitting on hold with customer service. The process could take hours. Americold knew there had to be a better way.

A Need for Speed

Enter RoadSync, the solution that Americold trusted to handle hundreds of daily payments while keeping operations running quickly. With RoadSync Checkout, Americold can process multiple fleet checks at once, accept fuel cards, credit cards, debits cards, and contactless payments. Drivers check in, head to the dock door, choose their preferred payment method, and are on their way in minutes instead of hours.

“Everything has changed since we went to RoadSync.”

Why RoadSync Checkout

Like many businesses in the logistics industry, Americold was handling financial operations manually. RoadSync Checkout helps digitize these slow, paper-based processes for both business and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few ways RoadSync Checkout gets businesses on the road to better payment processing:

  • Custom invoices
  • Digital receipts
  • Fast, easy dock door payment acceptance
  • Digital fleet check authorization
  • Tools to fight fraud and chargebacks

How Americold sped up payment processing with RoadSync

  • Ability to process more than one fleet check at once
  • Quicker payment options like credit and debit cards
  • Easier ways to build invoices for drivers
  • Less risk, more time savings