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Time is Money

At the dock door, KeHE relied on inefficient and cumbersome paper payments and processes to collect, record and reconcile accessorial fees. Warehouse clerks were accepting 75,000 fleet checks a year, representing millions of dollars in revenue. Verifying a fleet check could mean up to 15 minutes on phone. Complicated spreadsheets and end of day manual entries resulted in missed fee revenue. In short, the paper-intensive payment process was making it difficult to quickly turn dock doors and accurately assess and reconcile fee revenue.

Turn Dock Doors, Faster

To meet KeHE’s warehouse fee collection challenges, RoadSync was deployed across its network of distribution centers. The easy-to-implement, easy-to-learn, platform drives efficiency, ensures the right revenue is collected, provides robust data to improve trust and transparency, and enables safer, real-time contactless payments.

KeHE Testimonial


Why RoadSync Checkout

Like many businesses in the logistics industry, KeHE was handling financial operations manually. RoadSync Checkout helps digitize these slow, paper-based processes for both business and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few ways RoadSync Checkout gets businesses on the road to better payment processing:

  • Custom invoices
  • Digital receipts
  • Fast, easy dock door payment acceptance
  • Digital fleet check authorization
  • Tools to fight fraud and chargebacks


Now it’s easier for KeHE to collect payments and there isn’t a paper invoice or receipt to lose. It also provided an added benefit — enabling KeHE to accept credit card payments without any additional hardware or compliance concerns. KeHE’s positive ROI comes from speed, efficiency, visibility, accuracy, and eliminating revenue leaks. Transitioning to digital payments and workflows sped up day-to-day operations, lightened employee loads, and ensured that critical details are accounted for throughout the process.

How KeHE Distributors Completed Payment Optimization With RoadSync

  • Ability to process more than one fleet check at once
  • Quicker payment options like credit and debit cards
  • Easier ways to build invoices for drivers
  • Less risk, more time savings