Customer Spotlight

Safe Assist Road Service

Time for a Change

While Safe Assist prides themselves on fast, mobile repairs, their payment processing tools were slowing them down. On average, they received 30-40 fleet checks per month. Each check could take up to half an hour to process and depended largely on the precision of the person entering the numbers. One wrong key and the process started over or they had to sit on hold with customer service. Without an easy, professional way to document services and charges, chargebacks also became an issue. Safe Assist needed a more seamless process for both their business and their customers.

A Digital Transformation

RoadSync came to the rescue. From credit cards and debit cards to Comcheks and EFS checks, RoadSync Checkout enables Safe Assist to process everything digitally. They simply send their customer a link via email or text, the payment is processed in seconds, a confirmation is sent, and that client is back on the road. RoadSync Checkout also comes equipped with an invoice builder. Safe Assist can easily detail services to be performed and get authorization before work starts. This adds a tool to fight chargebacks and ensures transparency between business and customer. With less time spent on manual payment processing, Safe Assist can get to all their customers in a timely manner. As Safe Assist owner James Grinolds said, “A service truck that’s not moving is a service truck that doesn’t make money.” With RoadSync, service trucks are on the go and revenue is ramping up.

Why RoadSync Checkout

Like many businesses in the logistics industry, Safe Assist was handling financial operations manually. RoadSync Checkout helps digitize these slow, paper-based processes for both business and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few ways RoadSync Checkout gets businesses on the road to better payment processing:

  • Custom invoices
  • Digital receipts
  • Fast, easy payment acceptance
  • Digital fleet check authorization
  • Tools to fight fraud and chargebacks

How Safe Assist Transitioned to Fast, Secure Payments with RoadSync

  • More security around payments in the field
  • More protection from fraud disputes
  • Less time spent processing checks over the phone
  • Faster digital processes