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Find resources to help your warehouse maximize revenue, reduce fraud, and speed up payment collection and reconciliation. Learn more about our digital payment solution, RoadSync Checkout, as well as best practices, customer experiences and more.

Keep Your Warehouse Moving

We know that warehouses need to keep dock doors turning and cash flowing. Automating payment collection can let you process transactions in seconds and capture revenue efficiently.

Here you’ll find resources to help you learn more about RoadSync Checkout. The benefits of this digital freight payments platform include faster fleet check verification, accepting Comcheks or EFS checks in seconds, and how processing accessorial fees can improve overall revenue.

Plus, hear straight from customers who are on their way to fewer hassles, faster payments and easier reconciliation with digital payment solutions.


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Custom Invoices

Turn Dock Doors Faster with RoadSync Checkout

Watch this short video to learn how warehouses save time and money by processing accessorial fees and fleet checks in seconds.


Infographic for Why Warehouse Merchants Choose RoadSync Checkout

Benefits of Digital Payment platforms

Warehouses benefit from digital payment platforms in many ways. Faster payments, more efficient fee collection and less risk from fraud and theft all come from evolving into a digital payment process.

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Customer Spotlight


Americold, a cold storage facility, shares its experience with how RoadSync Checkout has improved warehouse operations. From moving loads faster, collecting more accessorial fees, and processing payments quicker and more efficiently, Americold has increased revenue and decreased detention time.

Accessorial fee collection manually can cost your warehouse time and money
Process Payments Digitally


Is your warehouse collecting all the accessorial fees you charge? Relying on manual fee collection creates roughly 3 to 6% fee leakage and accounts for up to 90% of staff time spent verifying fleet checks. Plus, you risk more human error and fraud.

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What Our Customers Say

“RoadSync provided us with collection visibility we’ve never had before. The ability to accept credit cards and process payments remotely has been especially beneficial amidst the pandemic. Removing associate barriers with technology is always a great thing!”

— Chuck Graefen, Senior Director, Distribution Support
KeHE Distributors, LLC

“We absolutely love the program – it has proven to be efficient in our internal operations. We even use it now with our appointment scheduling and take payment directly from dispatchers before their deliveries arrive.”

— Kelly Kitowski
Lineage Logistics

“RoadSync provided us with collection visibility we’ve never had before. The ability to accept credit cards and process payments remotely has been especially beneficial amidst the pandemic.”

— KeHe Distributors, LLC

“We implemented RoadSync and it has been a huge success! ACH transfers occur almost immediately so there are no more trips to the bank to deposit checks!”

— United States Cold Storage
stop revenue leakage at cold storage warehouse by moving to digital payment platform
Maximize Warehouse Revenue

Fix Accessorial Fee Leakage With Digital Payments

Who would turn down greater cash flow and profitability? Old school, paper-based accessorial fee collection processes lead to late payments, uncollected loading fees and increased fraud risk. See how a digital payment platform can recover 3% to 6% of accessorial fees.

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Customer Spotlight

Gourmet Foods International

See how Gourmet Foods International uses RoadSync Checkout. This interview goes into the time that they save processing payments, how they have been able to upgrade reporting and generate more revenue by accepting more payment types.

Human error can clog supply chain

Legacy paper-based payment systems rely on people to accurately count and note delivery times, weights, fees and costs. A single wrong keystroke can create delays and costly mistakes. A digital payment system can help your warehouse and the entire supply chain.

KeHE Distributors
Customer Spotlight


RoadSync powered KeHE to evolve their legacy, paper-based payment system into a digital platform. KeHE processes over 75,000 fleet checks a year. By moving those checks through RoadSync, KeHE saved thousands of hours of waiting time. Additionally, KeHE was able to increase revenue by accepting credit card payments.

A Suite of Solutions, One Easy Platform

Full of the features you need to turn dock doors faster, RoadSync Checkout is designed with warehouses in mind.

  • Custom Invoices

    Detail all fee charges in simple, digital invoices.

  • On-the-Spot Transactions

    Take payments virtually anywhere and process transactions in seconds.

  • Instant Receipts

    Shorten payment time and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) with instant receipts.

  • Check Authorization

    Process fleet checks at the dock door instantly. Payments are deposited automatically into your account, eliminating bank trips.

  • Fraud Protection

    Payments made with RoadSync Checkout are always secure and protected.

  • Secure, Digital Trail

    Minimize paperwork with all your invoices, transactions and receipts in one place for easy reconciliation and accounting.

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